Thursday, March 8, 2007

What a difference a day makes!

Our sweet daughter is back from a horrible day of pain just yesterday. She was made so much more comfortable last night with a big increase in her continuous pain medicine rate. That, coupled with an increase in the PCA button, meant that if she felt the slightest amount of pain, she could give herself a bump in pain meds. And, she could do it as often as every eight minutes. It made her sleepy, which was just fine with her last night!

Today, she is much better, even though the chest x-ray shows no change from yesterday. The doctors say that as long as the x-ray doesn't look worse, they are happy. Usually, it takes several days for these type of infections to clear up. So were expecting no big changes in the next day.

Also, her white blood count continues to stay at 0.2, and those weird rashes keep appearing and disappearing. The doctors have also told us they are not concerned with them unless they stick around.

Every day brings something new and thankfully today brought some relief from all the pain of yesterday.


Joy3916A said...

So glad today is a better day, we all knew that the road to recovery would have "bumps" in the road. Hang in there Brianna, tomorrow will be a better day. Love you and am thinking of you every minute. This blog is a wonderful thing, as I can keep up with your progress thanks to your Mom.

Love Grammy Joyce..PS a package will come to you from a friend of mine, she is also praying for your recovery.

Kevin Grant said...

Iva and Brianna,

Amy and I are following the blog. This latest news is disheartening, to say the least. Please know that you are in our thoughts every day and we are praying for a speedy recovery.

sweetthingsbyarlene said...

Good afternoon Iva and are in our thoughts and and everyday....Prayers and Hugs---Arlene