Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Baby Steps Continue But Long Journey Still Ahead

Brianna continues to make baby steps of progress as we enter our second week in the ICU. It's so scary though, all the things that need to work in order to get her well.

And as I sit in her room today, her blood pressure is dropping and the monitor alarm keeps beeping off. They wanted her fluid balance in the negative - meaning really dehydrated - and they did that last night. She was negative a liter and a half over the last 24 hours. This was a good thing for her. The resident physician who came in to check on her due to her dropping blood pressure, said that not having enough circulating fluid can cause your blood pressure to drop. Hers was going from 101/60 down to 81/54 within a few seconds. She was going to get a unit of platelets so he said to give it to her now rather than later to add more volume to her system.

Now the occupational therapist is here to work with the muscles of her legs and arms. Because she hasn't used them, all her muscles have atrophied. Her poor legs are so skinny and she really doesn't have any calf muslce. Again, it will be a long recovery just from being in the ICU.

We all take for granted the fine balance our bodies maintain in order to work properly. Also, because Brianna's now been immobile and in fact purposely paralyzed for more than a week, her skin is starting to break down. Pressure points like her ears, skull, pelvic bones, shoulder bones, knees - are all areas that are in contact with the bed all the time and are getting little sores and blisters. So we're having to put gel packs under these areas, and trying to off-load some of that pressure. Our bodies were meant to move around.

So far, our family has been really good about ensuring that I am not here alone during this time. John has stayed with me for most of the week and then my sister is flying out and will be staying with me for the next couple of days. My parents have come out and will come again, followed by my brother next week. And I am eager to see some of my friends from my eBay group Primitive Folk Art Tea and Talk (PFATT). They are flying out from Oregon and Southern California and then driving out from Sacramento, where another member lives. I will see them tomorrow. I am so utterly touched by their willingness to take the time and expense to come give me a supportive hug.

I'm sorry that I'm unable to update the blog everyday. I try to provide a little something, but some days are too draining or too stressful. Although, my writings do help me work through all my feelings.

Also, I have heard that it can be difficult to post to the blog. If you don't have a Google account, you won't be able to. Sometimes even if you have one, the posting doesn't work all the time. But if you click on the little envelope at the end of the post, you can send me an email. It may not show up on the comments of the post, but I will get the email. Simply put in your name, and email address where it indicates. And instead of putting in a "friends" email address, put in my email address ( Then write your message to me and click send. Or, you can simply send me an email from your email program. I look forward to getting your emails so much.

Brianna's father has visited weekly, even though he lives in Southern California. He arranged for her to be blessed with a healing prayer today. I know many of you are doing the same, in thought and spirit, everyday. We are so grateful for all of you.


Soft in the Head said...

Oh Iva....I wish so much to be there and help in any way I can. I think of Brianna, you and your family everyday...Words can't express the emotional rollercoaster you are all on right now. Hang in there my PFATT friend. Sending "Angel" kisses to Brianna with loads of healing energy! Pam (P2)

Cara said...

Hug from Milpitas.

(Folk of Art Friends, now on Beneath the Attic Eaves)

Disgusted Cats said...

Hello Sweetie, I wish that I could have come along with the other PFATT sisters, but Pennsylvania is mighty far away from California, and it just wasn't possible right now. I am there in spirit, though.
Oh, how we all wish we could shoulder some of this burden for you. We all feel pretty helpless in that department, but know that there are many, many prayer warriors who are praying for Brianna and for your continued strength and encouragement. Love you! Joanne

Kitty Forseth said...

Hello Sistah...

Just wanted to hug you good night. It was so good to see you laugh today, I hope that you can hold onto some of those good feelings from the pfattie visit :). You are a wonder.. runs in the family I see ~smilessssssss~.

Love you more than chocolate!

Hugs and kisses to you, Brianna, John and Trevor,


Disgusted Cats said...

Hello Darlin' Iva and Brianna. I'm so glad that Crusty, Sandy and Kitty got there to visit with you a while. We think about you every day, and send all of our love and prayers. Keep fighting the good fight! Big hugs and kisses!

sweetthingsbyarlene said...

Good evening Iva...we are sendinf huge prayers to make those darn storm clouds away...the sun needs to shine...hugs from Arlene and Family