Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another Setback: Why Can't We Get a Break?

Brianna had a good day Saturday and visited with Trevor, John and me. It was nice to just sit around and talk about "normal" stuff - school, movies, our dog and such. Then Saturday night Brianna's body began to hold onto water. Actually, water was seeping out of her vascular system into other parts of the body. She began coughing more and by Sunday it was apparent that both lungs were getting some fluid built up around them and that there is some fluid inside her good left lung. At one point, she had four liters of excess water that her body was holding onto, even with some diuretics. Again, it wasn't in her system, but is leaking out of her cells into other parts of the body.

All this excess fluid meant she began coughing more and was having trouble breathing. So she has had to have oxygen and last night, needed an oxygen mask and a higher rate of oxygen. Plus, she's been having slight fevers for the past few days, but last night it went to 39.1 Celsius (a fever is considered 38 cel.) - I forgot what it translates to in Fahrenheit.

It just seems that whenever things seem to be heading up, we get hit with another setback. And her poor body is just being hit with so much. She's fighting the chickenpox re-activation virus, the fungal infection, a chest tube, too much fluid and yet she's very thirsty, coughing, not enough oxygen, menustration and now possibly another infection - bacterial this time. The doctors say that a bacterial infection may be the culprit to all this excess fluid. But yesterday and last night she was given three doses of a broad spectrum antibiotic and no change - in fact higher fever. So they've added another antibiotic to ensure that they've covered everything, including Staph. Because she has an IV in one arm and a chest tube, a Staph infection could be very likely. Again, we won't know until we see if the antibiotics work later today.

I pray so hard every night and I try not to cry, but there are just so many bumps. Brianna is so strong-willed and determined and I know she'll perservere, but why does it have to be so damn hard?

Now we are told that they may not be able to put in a smaller chest tube, because for obvious reasons, they don't want kids undergoing surgery who are having respiratory problems. Why can't we get a break? It seems that it's two steps forward, one step back....then....one step forward, two steps back. So the thoracic surgeons said that an anticoagulant should be put in the tube only to ensure that it's draining correctly. That will happen later today also.

Brianna said this morning that she thinks her body is giving up. I told her it seems that way because she has a high fever - the highest she's had since this all began. And she hardly slept last night. From 11:30 pm to 5:30 am, she was up every hour coughing and going to the bathroom. Sleeping upright, with an oxygen mask and a chest tube sticking out your side is not comfortable either. Even though I tried to sleep with earplugs knowing our wonderful night nurse Angela is here to take care of Brianna, I just couldn't drift off.

My strength is waining and I hate seeing her go through all this. It's a good thing my husband and dear friend Alissa are coming tonight. They will help me remain positive, upbeat and strong for Brianna. I wish I could give Brianna a break and take some of the load she's carrying.

I seem to end all of my posts with a request for positive thoughts of healing and for prayers. I am sincere when I ask, and I know there are a great many people out there who are with us in this and keeping us in their daily devotionals and meditations. We need them ever so much.


Debbie said...


I, too am happy Alissa and John will be with you tonight. Hold on and tell Brianna her young body is going to get through this...I am sending many hugs and kisses. May they embrace you and Brianna and keep you both strong. I love you both. Also, I talked to Alissa and she is bringing special hugs from me to pass along. You are in my thoughts always my friend.
Much love,

P.S. Tom sends his love too!!!

Judith Weber said...

Dear Iva,
Bless your heart. You have both been through much more than most of us can even imagine. It has to be very difficult to be a part of Brianna's pain and simultaneously experience your own. You are a very devoted mother and she feels your abiding love. Tom and I pray things turn around soon for both of you.
Love, Judy

Kari Bovee said...

Dear Brianna,
Hang in there! You are stronger than you think. God is with you and you must hang on to His strength. Have faith, sweet girl. We are praying for your body to become stronger.
Kari, Kevin, Jessica and Michael

Kitty Forseth said...

We are sending our love and prayers to you all.. it seems too much to bear.. but you are so strong, more than you even know. We are praying for your strength, sleep and health.

Holding you in my thoughts..



Sam I Am said...

I wish i had miracle words of strength to send to all of you.. I know i must sound like a broken record.. but i do keep you in my prayers each day..and i know the pfatties do too...
we love you Iva..and Brianna is always in our thoughts and prayers :)

Disgusted Cats said...

Hugs to both of you dearhearts!
We are all thinking of you and sending our love. We know you are tired, and pray for God's strength to lift you both up today.
Love, Joanne

Christy said...

Even more people praying for you all...My sister and her church! Do your best to think ONLY about being cured...that's all! God loves you.

Kingfisher Farm said...

Brianna, the ponies are curled up next to you in your bed. The plumes and halters are glittering as they hang on the wall of your room, right by the bathroom door.( they refuse to remove their glitter encrusted shoes ) They are snoring just a little bit, but they are trying not to wake you up too! Their necks are entwined, one over the others back, so, its a pink an aqua pony slumbering hug, next to their favorite person in the world. Reach out your hand and twist some of their manes in your fingers! They are so close to you, now, their reflecton can be seen in your pretty blue eyes. They will dance again soon! And so shall you! SMOOCHES Pam

missyballance said...

Hi Iva,
I've never commented before but I have had you and your famiy in my thoughts and prayers ever since I heard the terrible news. Tonight I just had to post to say one thing. When I was a teenager I was hospitalized for a short time and all though it wasn't life threatening, my mom was there the WHOLE time. I felt so much comfort in having her there, and even when things weren't going right, her strength gave me strength. So even when your tired and scared, and you feel like you're running out of gas... maybe you can find comfort in knowing that you're still providing strength to Brianna... even if your at your worst. I can't imagine being a parent in your situation. My imagination won't let me go there.... but as a child who was very sick for some time, I can tell you that having your mom be there is a gift in itself. :) None of this came out the way I wanted it to... but our prayers and positive thoughts ARE with you... so if that's the only part of this that makes sense... well at least that's something :(

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