Friday, April 27, 2007

A Step Forward, A Step Back

In talking with the doctors today, they said that they tried to continue to wean her off the ventilator, but her lungs said too much. So they had to back up a little. As they told us it might be two steps forward, one step back. This is just too hard for me to hear.

I asked how long can someone survive on a ventilator like this and one doctor said for months. I pray Brianna gets better before that. She already got a sore on the left side of her head from laying on that side for a day and a half. She has no skin break down anywhere else from laying all the time, and I want to make sure it stays that way.

I think some of the doctors are convinced that this is another fungal infection. My prayer is that it's not and it's something that can be treated. So far though, bacterial has been ruled out. We should know more today.

John and I are staying at the Ronald McDonald house, where the transplant kids and their parents stay after they're discharged. It seems like we're the only ones there, except one other family. I recognize the mother and her young son from our time on 2 north. I have to admit, that's hard to see them when I keep thinking that instead of Brianna and I there together, it's John and I and she's in the ICU.

Brianna's friends Chelsea and Nina have sent posts, and they are so sweet! Oh, how I wish Brianna was with you both at a concert or having fun. I read your notes to her and hope that she hears them and continues fighting. Also, Brianna never got a chance to thank her friend Troy for the great gifts he sent. Troy I know she loved everything you sent and laughed at the book you got about being a Republican millionaire. Thank you for brightening her day a week or so ago before all this.

Trevor is coming today, but I don't want him to see his sister in this state. It would haunt anyone for a very long time. I will try to spend some time with him, since we've been so consumed with getting Brianna well. My dad will be here again to talk to Brianna. John has been here in the mornings, going to work and then coming back around 5:30 pm. It's so hard for him to work while thinking about her.

Thank you all for your emails and posts. Pray very hard for us and keep sending your thoughts of well-being. Time is standing still it seems, and I want to fast forward to the day when Brianna is laughing and joking with us, while Winston our dog is by her side.


Joanie Krisan said...

Iva, this is torture for any parent and yet you continue to have such composure. You are an amazing mom and admired by so many people. We are continuing our prayers and positive thoughts for Brianna.

Sam I Am said...

fight brianna, fight!
we're praying will win this.. you will be playing with Winston soon and shopping in WILL!! :)

Kitty Forseth said...


I am holding you so close and hugging the tar outta you. I am so sorry to hear of the step backward.. I will increase the amplitude of my prayers just to make sure they are being heard!

I am posting a few messages from our fellow EHAG'ers who were unable to post here:

todaysgold (1981 )
04/27/07 12:16 AM (#26 of 28)

I do not have a Google account, so I could not post to your blog Iva... I still felt a need to post our prayers here...

All our prayers are with Brianna, you & your family. Remember 'ANYTHING & EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE'...

*Matthew 18:19 Again I tell you, if two of you on earth agree (harmonize together, make a symphony together) about whatever (anything & everything) they may ask, it will come to pass & be done for them by My Father in Heaven.

*John 14:14 (Yes) I will grant (I Myself will do for you) whatever you shall ask in My Name (as presenting all that I AM).

Blessings Be For A Complete Healing, Lyndy

designsbyck (604 )
04/27/07 06:01 AM (#28 of 28)

Hi Kitty,

Sorry for the delayed prayers are with her & her daughter as well.

Take Care,

We all love you and Brianna SO VERY MUCH!! I will see you very soon.



Anonymous said...

Dear Iva!!! I am always praying......and thinking of you !
love jo

Kingfisher Farm said...

Iva, so much love comes your is all. HUGS Pam

Soft in the Head said...

Hey Brianna....I hear Paris is wonderful in the fall. My son was just there on business and says that the pastries are "DA BOMB"! He loves to shop as well and he loved all the quaint little boutiques they have. I hear some calling your name right now, Brianna, Brianna come spend money Brianna! Hang in there kiddo there are lots of dresses to buy and hats to wear...and pastries to eat! Pam

Christy said...

Repeat after me.... I will be shopping in Paris....I will be shopping in Paris.... I will be shopping in Paris... spending lots of money!! Ya got it, sweetie? Good! Love, Crusty

Dixie Redmond said...

Iva - continuing to pray for Brianna, you, John, and for Trevor. Passing along your blog to other praying people.


vintage*palette said...

Iva and Brianna and family....I have been trying to post her forever! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and the candles lit. You are so strong Brianna! We all know that you can beat this and we're all praying for you each and every day! Before you know it, you'll be sitting in one of those little outdoor parisian cafe's eating those yummy french pastries! =o) Hugs! ~Lori

CraBBy GaBBy said...

I have been checking in and Praying For Brianna. God's Covenenant says WITH LONG LIFE WILL I SATISFY YOU!! Psalm 91:16

I am standing on His word for Your family.

Disgusted Cats said...

We are all counting on this trip to Paris, so we can live vicariously!!! My son went to Paris with his dad, when he was 12, and just loved it.
You can do this Brianna. You can whip this, because you are amazingly strong, just like your mama!!!! And we're all here cheering you on!
Love, Joanne

Kari Bovee said...

We continue to pray for Brianna's stregnth, and yours too. Enjoy your time with Trevor. He must be concerned and worried,too. I know it's difficult for all of you. Keep the faith! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

JoEllen said...

Iva each of you are in our thougths, hearts and much prayers. So many people know and care and are praying for Brianna. I know that God hears and answers prayer. I pray that God will hold you all close. That Brianna will feel his presence surrounding her. Brianna is as sweet as can be and I know she got a lot of who she is from you Iva. With all my love and much hugs JoEllen

Sam I Am said...

hi ladies :)
My mother in law who lives in Holley, NY has put Brianna on the prayer sheet at her little church :) We have people Alllll over sending prayers... :) :) :) You are strong Brianna and soon you will be back in your own comfy house:)

R said...

I am praying for all of you, for strength and comfort, and complete healing for Brianna. May God hold you in His arms, and surround you with guardian angels.