Friday, February 23, 2007

Day +2 & Too Much Gatorade

First I have to say Brianna is doing really well. All the doctors say she looks great, which is music to our ears! And she will agree that she is feeling a lot better today. Yesterday afternoon, she was feeling pretty poorly. We did manage to watch a movie "Sleepless in Seattle," and then Survivor. It was a tough choice between Survivor and American Idol, so we changed channels every so often to see who was voted off on Idol. It kept her mind off how she was feeling.

So, every day brings a new experience and today we learned something interesting. The picture at right is of Brianna's huge bag of TPN (total parental nutrition), or the Gatorade bag as we refer to it. It has all the nutrients she needs in fluid form. It's hard to judge the size in the picture, but we can tell you that it was one heck of a large bag! Today we learned that the size of the bag she got was actually for someone who was double her weight! No wonder she was getting up to go to the bathroon every two hours the first night she got it!! The bag they hung on her IV pole after that was about half the size. But no harm was done, and in fact she needed all those nutrients, because she was in a deficit.

Also, this morning Brianna was visited by the staff psychologist who took her through a hypnotherapy session. She really liked it and it will help her through some of her nausea. She said it reminded her a lot of her yoga classes she had in school last year. There was lots of deep breathing, relaxation and imagery. The doctor who led her through it has the most soothing voice. I was getting sleepy just listening!

I made a quick walk to Andronico's and got a few items for us to eat. The hospital food never changes and is not the greatest! Other than that, today was really uneventful. And we were happy with the fact that not much was going on!

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