Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day +7: Another Sleepy Day

Today, Brianna is getting her second dose of rATG (see my last post about what this drug does). Because it has the potential to cause an allergic reaction, they prefer to use Benedryl as a pre-medication. Brianna is very sensitive to drugs of all sorts. When she was given half the adult dose of Benedryl, she was sleeping for hours. With the rATG, she needs the full dose. So to say she's sleepy is an understatement. She's been sleeping for a couple of hours this morning, and I don't expect her to wake until noon. That's okay though, she was up again several times during the night using the bathroom. She's on a diuretic for fluid retention, and it works quite effectively!!

Yesterday, was a busy day. (Brianna and I were actually musing about how fast time seems to fly here.) The hospital's school staff came and reveiwed all that she needs to be working on. Fortunately, one of the teachers has trigonometry experience, so Brianna can continue with that. For English, she's reading The Crucible. She has several worksheets she needs to answer after each act that she reads of the play. They've also given us the video, so Brianna can get better acquainted with it before she reads. (If you recall, the video starred Daniel Day-Lewis and Winona Ryder. Personally, I thought it was an okay movie.)

Also, she's working on her history and will get some art credits. They're going to bring the next art project down for her to work on, and she's excited. Lucile Packard Children's Hospital has an art program in which kids create pieces and then they're featured in a magazine, Healing Hearts. The art is also featured on a closed circuit television station throughout the hospital. You'll find TVs near the elevators and all over, with the kids' artwork shown in slide show format. It's really neat they have this. So Brianna is feeling better about getting all her 11th grade year credits completed, even though she's been out and sick so much.

We finally shaved her head yesterday. She began losing her hair on Sunday and Monday. It was hard for her to deal with, but she wanted me to buzz her head. We did and after her shower, some areas had very little hair if any at all. She is still beautiful and looks like a high-fashion model who's on a special shoot!

Her dad also came to visit late yesterday. He's been able to come up from Southern California every week and spend time with her and Trevor. Brianna enjoys his visits, and I think he was very happy to see how well she is doing.

Again, the doctors have said she is doing really well considering it's Day +7. Usually between now and day +10, kids are feeling their worst. Thankfully, she is eating well, getting lots of rest, feeling good with no pain and is laughing often. We pray this coninues.


Joy3916A said...

Dear Brianna,

Remember when you were born you had very little hair and you were beautiful and we all fell in love with you, so hair isn't important Who you are is more than hair (which will come back).
I am happy time is going fast for you and your Mom. Seems you are busy with school work and that art class is super, I bet you will be the star of that show.
Love you, keep up the good work!
Grammy Joyce

Nina said...

hi!! brianna, i miss you sooooo much. i bet you look beautiful right now! ahhh i'm so happy that you're doing well!
love nina

Debbie said...

Hello girls,

I have been a bit busy the past few days. I am just checking in as I am always thinking of you both. Brianna, I’m happy you are feeling better and getting plenty of rest. I would think rest is important at this stage of your recovery. Sounds like you are keeping busy with school work too, plus getting visits from family. That is wonderful. If I was closer, I would be popping by myself. I miss ya’ll. Regarding shaving your head, well, bald is beautiful. There are many women who have worn the buzzed look, like Sigourney Weaver, Natalie Portman, Sinead O’Connor, Demi Moore, Robin Tunney and even our Monica, Tom’s daughter, to mention a few. They all look awesomely beautiful and there is no doubt you do too!!!!:)
Hang in there girls.

As always, sending hugs and kisses..

P.S. When do you move from the hospital?

Sandra said...

Hello Brianna and Iva,
I am a friend of Sharon H. and I have been reading your progress and visualizing a healthy and full life ahead for you Brianna. I have spent many hours and days with my Mom in the hospital and as difficult as it can be, we gained a bond and relationship unmatched by others. So I cherish the precious bond you have together and I'm thankful you have each other; you are both exceptional people.

Brianna and Iva stay strong and keep your spirits up.
Love, Sandra Austin (Santa Barbara)