Saturday, February 17, 2007

Days 4, 5 & 6 in the Hospital

Day Minus 3 to transplant - My sweet daughter has been feeling nauseous for the past three days. She's eaten a small amount about once a day just because she's afraid of it coming back up! The doctors have given her every kind of medication possible to stop it, but her stomach has always been very sensitive. She is trying to cope with it as best she can with relaxation music, back rubs from me and cool wash cloths on her forehead.

She finished up her TBI (total body irradiation) and had her first dose of chemotherapy today. Obvioulsy, she's not feeling great after all that. She only has one more dose of the chemo tomorrow and her body should be ready to accept the new marrow on Tuesday.

She's been resting alot to pass the time and has watched a DVD or two. I admit, I get sucked into the kiddie movies. She watched Ice Age, which was a cute movie, among them. She's also re-reading the Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan. She loved that book and decided to read it again. She's also got her next book, The Hundred Secret Senses, which Brianna hopes to read once she's feeling better. Plus, she's worked a little on homework. There's plenty to keep her occupied, if only she felt a little better.

Outside of helping Brianna, I've been working on the computer, practicing a little calligraphy and reading a Michael Crichton book, Prey. It's so good, I just get lost in it! I couldn't put it down last night. I've read almost the whole thing in four days.

John and Trevor came to see Brianna today. Their visit was short, because Brianna just couldn't handle talking or thinking, for that matter! They brought us some mail, a new bed foam pad for me (my back is killing me from sleeping here), our washed clothes, some more Wheat Thins for Brianna and two more books for me.

I'm hoping Brianna gets lots of rest tonight. Unfortunately, she has another round of chemo tomorrow and that should take her through the worst of it! We pray that it does!!

We appreciate your supportive comments and warm thoughts and prayers. God bless....Iva


Debbie said...

Brianna and Iva,

Guess what we had last night? Two inches of snow. Unbelieveable! Louisville is nice, but all this cold weather is awful. Iva, remember how Alissa used to complain about the weather in Memphis. Well, thats me doing the same thing in Louisville. And, it truly is colder here than in Memphis. Iva, you are a wonderful mother and I feel your strength.

Good morning to you both. Your mother, daughter journey continues today. Hang in there, girls.

Brianna, you can go the distance. Just one more day of chemo and then you get your transplant. I hope you and your mom were able to get some rest last night. And, today when you feel nauseous, just close your eyes, breath deeply and will that stuff to me.

You are both in our thoughts always. Hugs,kisses and more hugs...

Debbie and Tom

Joy3916A said...

Hi Brianna,

I'm thinking about you and praying for you as are many friends and relatives around the country. I'm so thankful that you are getting the best medical care at Stamford thanks to your Dad's excellent medical insurance. It's unfortunate you had to move from the So. Calif. area where I could have visited you, however it is wonderful your Dad is able to make weely visits, I look forward to seeing you soon when you are better. It won't be long now.
Love you

Grammy Joyce