Friday, February 9, 2007

Our Latest Hospital Stay

Wednesday afternoon, Brianna came down with a low-grade fever. Being so close to transplant time, we couldn't take any chances and she was admitted to the hospital.

There were no needle sticks because she had a new central line. All sorts of cultures were taken to rule out viral infections, bacterial and you name it!

So we stayed the night Wednesday and by the next morning she was feeling fine. Thankfully, nothing grew in the cultures which meant she was viral and bacteria free! Plus, no more fevers! The docort said it may have been due to the anethesia and the breathing tube used - since she has never had either one and her body was just trying to recover. So we left Thursday afternoon, just in time to pick Trevor up from school and greet my parents at our door.

We are now working feverishly (scratch that word - we've got to keep our sense of humor) to get ready for our long stay in the hospital. I'll keep you all updated and try to post photos too.

The real journey begins in just two days!

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