Monday, February 26, 2007

Day +5 & a Taste for Rabbit

As we look out our window, it is gray and rainy. Brianna and I have been sitting on the day bed reading magazines and catalogs and just taking it easy. Today, she had her first dose of rATG - a type of immunoglobulin to suppress the T-cells that came over with the new marrow. It has the potential to cause an allergic reaction in patients because it is reproduced in rabbits. It's early afternoon and she sailed through it with flying colors. She was knocked out for the first couple of hours due to the premedication of Benedryl that's required. But we are just so thankful about her progress.

We had a wonderful weekend and Brianna felt well on both days. First, John and Trevor came and had lunch with us on Saturday. And then John and I were able to sneak out and stroll through the town of Stanford, while Trevor stayed with Brianna for an hour or so.

Then on Sunday, Brianna decided it was time that I cut her hair. She began to lose a little, so it's quite short - maybe 1/2 inch long all around. She is still beautiful though! We planned on some snacks for our private Oscar's Party and watched the stars walk the Red Carpet.

Thankfully, we have had a nice last several days and look forward to many more!! Also, Brianna got a sweet gift from a friend who lives in Southern California. Alex, short for Alexandra, sent Brianna a belated birthday gift of Spa bath products from Bath and Bodyworks. Alex had gone to Paris, thought about Brianna and had written a postcard to her. She also purchased a lavendar bar of soap and a French Moulin Rouge mini poster for Brianna. She was so thankful, and it made her so much more excited for her Make-A-Wish trip to Paris. Something Brianna is very excited and looking forward to once she is out of the hospital!

God bless...Iva

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